Introducing...The largest collection of Easy & mouth-watering Nigerian recipes optimised for accelerated fat-loss.

Finally, You can say goodbye to eating tasteless and boring meals on your weight loss journey... 

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Nigerian weight loss recipes

From: Femi Oja | Founder of

Dear friend,

I’m not a chef. Never grew up cooking in the kitchen...

As a matter of fact, the only thing I knew how to do in the kitchen was to wash plate, cook noodles and roll eba (garri).

Then Something Interesting happened that changed everything...

Here's the short version of the story:

A few years back, I went to do my master's degree in the UK. Little did I know that most of this “oyibo” foods you see on TV are only good for looking and not for eating.

In other words, they were completely tasteless! And that’s me being polite.

Now, I couldn't force myself to eat many of those tasteless oyibo foods. And I couldn’t cook to save my life.

So, as I cannot come and kill myself, I was left with no other choice than to start eating all sort of familiar junk food and extra spicy fast-food to survive.

And as you can guess, I started gaining weight, my stomach started getting bigger and my six packs started fading until they completely disappeared.

The situation was getting out of hand like a horror movie.

So, I had to be resourceful. I tried eating healthy foods like broccoli, cauliflower and the likes.  No way! It didn’t go down well, at all.

The only option left for my poor-self was to step-up my cooking game.

Next thing I did was to search for all the Nigerian cooking blogs I could find. I found the usual suspects like 9jafoodies, allnigerianrecipes, 1qfoodplatter and the likes.

Now, I had another problem...

You see, I had to comb through hundreds and hundreds of recipes because I was not just looking for any Nigerian recipe.


I was looking for recipes that were:

  • low calorie and weight loss friendly ( i.e fibre rich and so on)

  • Fast and easy to cook

  • Required a few ingredients

  • And of course, delicious

After days and days of research, I was able to sieve out a couple of recipes that looked promising.

So, I started cooking, eating, testing and perfecting some of these recipes.

Along the way, I had to weed out some recipes not worth the trouble and tweaked some to make them more weight loss friendly.

And the result?

I lost all the weight I had gain (and some more).

In fact, I was one of the only few Nigerian students that didn’t leave the UK. fatter than I came, all thanks to those Nigerian weight-loss recipes I was cooking.

And that’s not all, my skin was fresher, I was fitter and had more energy than I could use daily.


Fast forward to present times...

My clients, subscribers and social media followers keep asking me about good Nigerian weight loss recipes.

So, I decided to go back to the "chopping" board and started hunting, testing, cooking and perfecting more and more of these delicious Fat-loss Nigerian recipes. 

And after months of blood, sweat and tears archiving these recipes, I’m proud to introduce you to this beauty ….

Nigerian Fat-loss Recipes 1.0

Fat-Loss Recipe Open

Meet the largest collection of simple, mouth-watering and healthy Nigerian recipes optimised for accelerated fat-loss.

This guide is filled with flavour-filled recipes that make your weight-loss journey a more exciting one.

Finally, it’s fun being a foodie again!

Because the recipes in this guide don’t focus on cutting down on carbs,

No! Instead, recipes are optimised to :

  • Step down calorie level
  • Step up the nutrient-level
  • And most importantly, enhance the tastes level

So, you enjoy a “No-diet” Weight Loss —Guaranteed!

It’s a modern-day foodie's dream come true.

What to Expect From this Recipe Guide ...

Here are a few of things to expect from the Nigerian Fat-loss Recipe guide...

Sneak Peak Of What's Inside... 

Here's a taste (no pun intended) of what you'll discover in this Recipe guide....

Part 1: Meal Plan, Calories & Nutrition

This guide is not just a book filled with recipes.

Not at all.

You see, in the first few chapters, you'll discover everything you MUST know about nutrition if you want to permanently lose weight  Including:

  • How to design a convenient and delicious meal plan that fits your lifestyle, so it's easy to stick to.
  • Why low-carb diet is a waste of your time and what to do instead.
  • 6 Different ways you can track your calories & how to determine the perfect portion sizes of your foods.
  • And much much more...

Banana & Eggs

Banana & scrambled egg
page 36

Part 2: Quick Breakfast Ideas

As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Especially when you’re trying to lose weight. Why?

You see, your breakfast set the tone for the rest of the day. Having the wrong breakfast (or not having any at all) can lead to massive cravings and low energy throughout the day.

That’s why this guide features over 13 power-packed breakfast recipes that you prepare in less time than it takes to rub your lipstick.

These breakfasts will jump-start your day,  fill you up till noon and curb your sweet tooth.

An example that comes to mind is the yummy Banana and scrambled egg recipe on page 36

Liver Stir-fry

Liver Stir-fry 
page 43

Part 2: High Protein Recipes

Have you ever heard of a “low-protein” weight loss diet? Neither have I. That’s because protein is the single most important nutrient for weight loss. Period!

And that’s why I’ve added over 10 easy, affordable and quick-to-prepare high protein recipes in this guide.

A sweet example is the on page 43

Chicken Carrot Stew

Chicken Carrot Stew 
page 74

Part 3: Soups & Sauces

Tired of tomato stew?

Well, you can finally take a break from fried tomato stew because this guide comes loaded with over 12 more nutritious, budget-friendly and delicious sauce recipes.

I must warn you, dear friend, once you start eating some of the sauce recipes in this guide, you may never ever go back to regular tomato stew again.

And let’s not forget soups. Soups are the backbone of many Nigerian recipes.

That’s why this guide also comes ready with over 10 delicious low-calories soups.

You’ll find recipes of lower-calorie versions of your favourite soup and new tasty Nigerian soups you’ve probably never tried before.

corn and beef stirfry

Corn & Beef Stir-fry
 page 118

Part 4: Main Dish

This guide contains countless diet-friendly dishes that are surprisingly tasty.

You'll find all sorts of meal from heavy “hunger-blocking” lunch to light, but extremely tasty dinner and everything in between.

Extremely busy? There are plenty of quick recipes for you.

Feeling lazy? There tons of recipes for you that are almost as simple as boiling water. 

Broke student?  You’re covered because they're a number of pocket-friendly recipes for you too. 

A quick example is the corn and beef stir-fry recipe on page 118

Spicy Carrot Salad

Spicy Carrot Salad
page 131

Part 5: Tasty Salads

This guide contains a couple of ultimate fat burner salads that will boost your metabolism and help you burn more body fat than ever!

And this salads will be the tastiest salads you’ve ever had. Most people who try these salad recipes always have the same thing to say, which is,  “who knew salad could taste this good”

Take the carrot salad on page 131, for example. It extremely delicious, bursting with nutrients and ready in a matter of minutes.

Tropical smoothie recipe

Tropical Smoothie
 page 21

Part 6: Sliming Smoothies & Drinks.

Slimming drinks and smoothies are the rage these days and for good reason. You see, slimming drinks and smoothies are not only effective but super easy to make and consume.

In this guide, I have assembled over 13 “fat choking” drinks and smoothies that are super fast to make.

They not only help you lose weight but give you a glowing skin, eliminate bloating, act as an aphrodisiac, and so on.

Homemade Mayonnaise Recipe

Homemade Mayonnaise
page 164

Part 7: DIY Homemade Ingredients

As you might be aware, most store-bought products are full of unnecessary calories, sugar and unhealthy ingredients.

You’ve probably heard of horror stories of manufacturers using unknown and unlisted ingredients and preservative that can cause free radical damage to every cell in your body. 

No need to worry anymore because this guide shows you how to easily make your own common cooking products like cooking oils, flours, condiments, seasoning cubes, spices and so on from scratch.

You can now have total control over the freshness, quality, and kinds of ingredients going into your body.

You can now have peace of mind that there are no hidden ingredients and know you’re consuming pure ingredients that are going to treat your body nicely.

For example, on page 164, with just a few ingredients and in minutes you’ll discover how to make your own mayonnaise fast!.

This recipe cuts down on most of the unhealthy fats, nasty ingredients and calories that are in store-bought mayonnaise.

And the best part is it cheaper and tastes just and goods as the store-bought mayonnaise.

What Experts Are Saying About This Guide...

Medical Doctor/ Certified Weight Management Coach.
Medical Director BHM Medical & Wellness Centre Limited, Abuja

Dr Celina Johnson

Dr. Celina Johnson Nigerian Fat-Loss Recipes is a book anyone who is serious about losing weight and keeping it off for good should own. The information is well researched and presented in a practical easy to understand manner. I will start recommending it to all my clients. . . if anyone is still in doubt, they can call me on 07060937631, and I would be happy to answer their questions.

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Professional Chef & CEO Zabambam Kitchen Catering Service

Chef Zoey Blaq

Chef Zoey Blaq I love how detailed, easy to follow and less boring the healthy recipes in this guide are. I highly recommend this recipe guide to anyone who wants to Enjoy Nigerian foods without all of the extra calories.


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Human Nutrition Researcher & Consultant

Ibukun Oyewo

Ibukun Oyewo I assumed the book was a typical recipe book but I was in for a shock. I discovered different new "low-calory" delicacies, cooking hacks and different approaches to cooking. I particularly liked the different methods of cooking without oil. I recommend this book generally because it provides tonnes of useful information and particularly because it corrects the impression that those seeking to lose weight cannot enjoy wholesome and delicious meals


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Some of the secrets you'll discover includes:

  • A simple step you do to your meat before eating that cuts out almost half of its fats & calories.

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  • And much much more

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2. Measurement Equivalents & Substitutions Chart

Ever wondered what's the ideal cup size? How many cups of cooked rice does a cup of raw rice produce? And so on... This chart answer all those questions and more.

3. Cooking Times Chart

This chart shows you how long you should cook different kinds of foods, so you don't undercook them and more importantly, you don't overcook them ( to retain as many nutrients as possible)

4. Storage Times & Temperature

This chart shows you how long and at what temperature different types foods can last in the fridge and freezer before going bad.

Also, it shows you different oven temperature settings.

5. Beef Chart

This chart shows photos of all of the different types of meat cut and the best cooking method for each

Bonus 5: Lifetime Update! 

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Here are some common questions...

Is the Fat-Loss Recipe Guide Hard or Soft Copy?

I'm new to cooking, is the guide right for me?

I hate cooking, is the guide right for me?

Nigerian weight loss recipes (90+ Easy & Mouthwatering Treats)

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Get Instant Access To Recipe Guide And 5 Bonuses Now For One-time Investment Of ₦39,000 ₦4,550

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