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Dear friend, would you like to deliciously lose weight fast ...and... at the same time...

  • Beautify your Skin from inside out,
  • Increase your Energy & Vitality,
  • Eliminate Cravings,
  • Boost your immune system,

And enjoy other benefits like better sleep, less bloating and less time in the kitchen?

Then, all you have to do is add a variety of healthy drinks & smoothies to your diet.

You see, Smoothies can efficiently deliver most of the nutrients your body needs and craves in a drinkable cup.

Not only that, Smoothies are:

Simple, tasty and fun 

Even if you cannot cook to save your life, you can still make a delicious smoothie, they are that simple to make. Also, they are extremely nutritious without sacrificing taste; They make vitamins and minerals taste better.

Quick To Make, Quick To Consume

Smoothies are the best time saver for busy people because they are ready in minutes. Even better, they are convenient to consume. You can have them anytime and anyplace.

Wide Variety To Choose From

There is a range of options, tastes and flavours of smoothies to choose from, so you never get bored or tired of them.

Now we both agree smoothies are the bomb, I proudly introduce you to...

The Big Book Of Healthy Drinks & Smoothies

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Over 101 smoothies, drinks, shakes, mock-tails and slimming tea recipes.

It is the last smoothie or juicing guide you'll ever need.

This guide is full of healthy do-able drinks including:

  • Smoothie & Shake Recipes for Easy Fat-loss & Skin Glow
  • Green Smoothies Recipes that Nourish, Heal & Boost your Immune
  • Juice Recipes to Detox & Cleanse your system
  • Slimming Tea Recipes to Help You Flush out Fat
  • Mocktail Recipes to Refresh & Energise You

That's not all, there's more! In this guide, you'll also discover...

  • How to make a perfect smoothie every time from scratch (using any produce you have in your Kitchen)
  • Common Blending Mistakes that Leads to Rough undrinkable Smoothies. Even worse, can lead to damage to your blender's motor.
  • The only right ratio & formulae to make a green smoothie to ensure a thick, but sippable nutrient-packed drink.
  • Everything you must know before you start juicing (like Best fruits & vegetable for juicing & the absolute worst Ones)
  • Whether You Should Use Ice in your smoothies or not (the answer will surprise you)
  •  Very common mistake you can make that destroys virtually all the nutrients in your juice
  • And much much more

Next up is...

Healthy Snacks & Treats Guide 

Healthy Nigerian Snacks Book Mockup

More than 50 healthy, delicious, and easy-to-make snacks & treats.

Well, you probably already know that most of the readily available snacks, while they taste good, have almost zero nutritional value...

And are silently doing damage to your body in form of inflammation, tooth enamel damage, high blood sugar, fat build-up, sugar addiction, and so on.

The good news is with this guide, you can now enjoy delicious snacks guilt-free and without compromising your health and body weight goals.

This snack guide is full of: 

  • Healthy version of some of your favourite snacks
  • Treats that "taste good and look fattening" but are nutrient-dense and weight loss friendly
  • Yummy Healthy forgotten Nigerian snacks that bring back those pleasant childhood memories

That's not all, in this guide, you'll also discover some tricks and tips like:

  • 3 golden rules of snacking
  • Why Lower calories snack can keep you fat and how higher calories snack is sometimes better (the secret is how to eat better, not less.)
  • What you must absolutely do before you snack if you want to lose weight
  • Best time to snack that can triple your weight loss efforts (and the absolutely worst time to snack)
  • And much much more

In a nutshell, this delicious healthy snacks guide provides you with tricks, tips and yummy snack ideas & inspiration to swap unhealthy snacks with healthier alternatives. 

That's not all I have install for you today, allow me to also introduce you to...

Spice Mix Guide & Recipes

Nigerian Spice Mix Book Mockup

Buying ready-made spice mix in stores comes at a risk of serious illnesses (like cancer).

Because most store-bought spice mixes contain harmful preservatives and additives. And not to mention how expensive they are.

The good news is that, at the fraction of the cost, you can easily make your own simple unique spice blend, ready in 1 minute! (Flavour-packed & Additive-free)

And that's where this Spice Mix guide comes in. 

You'll discover tried-and-true spice blends recipes for cooking, baking and frying to perfection including... 

  • Local Nigerian Spice Mix (like Yaji, Pepper soup spice, Banga spice, etc)
  • Fish Spice Mix Seasoning/Rub
  • Seafood Spice Mix Seasoning/Rub
  • Meat/Beef/Steak Spice Mix Seasoning/Rub
  • Chicken Spice Mix Seasoning/Rub
  • Pork Spice Mix Seasoning/Rub
  • Vegetables & Salad Spice Mix Seasoning/Rub
  • All-Purpose Spice  Mix Seasoning/Rub
  • Salt-Free All-Purpose Spice Mix Seasoning/Rub
  • And much much more

That's not all, in this Spice Mix guide, you'll also discover... 

  • How to come up with your own unique spice blend from scratch
  • The unspoken rules of making homemade spice mix
  •  Creative ways for spicing up generic and boring foods (like Salads)
  • Expert information on preparation, storage, shelf life and use of spices
  • And much much more

I'm not done yet, you are also getting the...

Healthy Oil Guide & Recipes 

Healthy Nigerian Oil Book Cover Mockup

Bad news!

Most of the oils you find in the market and the ones you’re probably currently using for cooking, baking and frying might be slowly causing free-radical damage to your heart, your brain, and all other organs & tissues in your body.

Although you can find good oils like olive oil, coconut oil and avocado oil in stores, however, they come with a hefty price tag.

And these store-bought so-called goods oil might contain foreign chemicals, additives or even be diluted with other unhealthy cheaper oils.

But no worries because the Homemade Healthy Oil Guide has come to your rescue. You'll discover:

  • long list of all the bad oils you should stay away from, and all the good oils you should be using 
  • How to detect and choose the best quality oil for your cooking, frying and baking.
  • Simple good oil recipes that save you money, headaches and your health
  • And much much more

Finally, you're also going to get access to ...

Healthy Condiments Guide & Recipes

Healthy Nigerian Condiment Book Cover Mockup

Using Condiment is a simple yet delicious way to add a true flavour boost to any meal.

However, most brands on the market are loaded with excessive amounts of sodium, added sugar, artificial sweeteners, and other body damaging ingredients (like harmful artificial food dyes.)

Anyway, the good news is you don’t have to give up on condiments altogether.

Because this Healthy Condiment Guide reveals Nutrient-packed condiments that make your foods tastier while still keeping you healthy and lean

As a matter of fact, many recipes in this guide are just Healthy versions of all your favourite condiments like:

  • Dips
  • Sauces
  • Spreads
  • Butters
  • Salad Creams
  • Pastes
  • And Others (like sweet corn, vinegar, etc)

Recap Of Everything You're Getting 

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  • The Big Book Of Healthy Drinks & Smoothie


  • 50+ Healthy Snacks & Treats Guide


  • Spice Blend Guide 


  • Healthy Cooking Oils Guide


  • Home-Made Healthy Condiments Guide


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  • The Big Book Of Healthy Drinks & Smoothies
  • 50+ Healthy Snacks & Treats Guide
  • Spice Blend Guide & Recipes 
  • Healthy Cooking Oils Guide & Recipes
  • Home-Made Healthy Condiments Guide & Recipes


  • The Big Book Of Healthy Drinks & Smoothies
  • 50+ Healthy Snacks & Treats Guide
  • Spice Blend Guide & Recipes
  • Healthy Cooking Oils Guide & Recipes
  • Home-Made Healthy Condiments Guide & Recipes