the mission

With the internet full of scams, badly-written articles and a sea of conflicting & confusing health and fitness information, that's where FitNigerian (FN) comes to the rescue.

We cut through the noise and nonsense.  We provide only practical up-to-date advice and tools that help you reach your health and fitness goals fast.

FN's simple mission is to make weight loss, muscle building and living healthy as painless and fun as humanly possible.

You're officially welcome to the FN family. Please, allow us to introduce you  to the brains behind FN...

Meet The Team

Coach Femi Oja

Femi Oja

Femi Oja is the founder and head coach at Fitnigerian. He has personally trained, coached, and consulted with thousands of people including celebrities, professionals and guys in the military.

In his early days as a personal trainer, he made all the mistakes in the books.

He struggled to get his clients easy and lasting results.

So he turned to the internet for help... but... all he got was more confusion and lots of half-baked and wrong Information.

He was fed up and had to pave the way for himself by studying "raw" clinical research papers, testing and experimenting with different diet plans and workout routines.

After a few short years and lots of trial and error, He finally figured out what never works and what works best.

As a result, He has been able to help thousands of people lose fat, build muscles and become the healthiest versions of themselves.

Now, his mission (and vision) is to simplify the over-complicated advice and clear up misleading myths, lies and the scams in health and fitness space generally ... and... help you make your journey to health and total body Fitness an easy, sweet and enjoyable ride.

Dr. Nadia

Dr. Nadia

Nadia is a licensed medical doctor in the UK, who graduated from the University of Liverpool. She is a specialist in women and sexual health. She is a big believer in using food, exercise and stress management to prevent, reverse and manage actual medical conditions.

Pharm Adenike

Pharm. Adenike

Adenike is a licensed Pharmacist who graduated from K.N.U.S.T, with over 5 years of experience working in community pharmacies. She's big on wellness, skincare, and everything recipes.  

How we Can Help You

Health, Fitness, and Recipe Articles & Tool

We have plenty of in-depth health, fitness & recipe resources and tools, which are designed by experts on our blog. 

Customised Meal Plan & exercise plan

We can help you design an effective meal plan or exercise plan for your health or fitness goals to your taste and liking. 

One-on-One Consultation

You can speak to one of our experts to gain clarity, answer your questions, and get professional advice for your health and fitness journey.

Coaching Programs

We offer group and one-on-one coaching programs to help you reach your health and fitness goals faster.

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