About Fitnigerian.com

With the internet full of scams, badly written articles covered in blocks of ads... and... a sea of conflicting & confusing health and fitness information,

That's where fitnigerian.com comes in.

Fitnigerian.com cut's through the noise and nonsense, and gives you only practical advice you can use right now to lose fat, build muscles and become the healthiest version of yourself.

Fitnigerian.com is loaded with useful and in-depth health and fitness-related articles. You find articles ranging from weight loss articles to muscle building articles to health and Recipe articles.

It is truly heaven sent.

Fitnigerian.com's simple mission is to make weight loss, muscle building and living a healthy lifestyle as painless and fun as humanly possible.

You're officially welcome to the fitnigerian.com family and please allow us to introduce the brains behind Fitnigerian, Femi Oja. 

About Femi Oja

Writer, Author, CEO.

Femi Oja (sometimes referred to as the "The Superman of the Nigerian Fitness Industry")  is the big head behind fitnigerian.com.

He has been referenced in studies and referred by Medical Doctors, Pharmacist, Nutritionist, other Trainers and Coaches alike.  He has Trained/Trained with celebrities, wannabe celebrities and even guys in the military. 

In his early days as a personal trainer, he made all the mistakes in the books.

He struggled...and.... struggled to get his clients easy and lasting results.

So he turned to the internet for help... but... all he got was was more confusion and lots of half-baked Info.

As you might know, the amount of useless, unnecessary, and just plain wrong information out there is just crazy.

He was fed up and had to pave a way for himself, by studying "raw" clinical research papers... and... testing and experimenting with different diet plans and workout routines.

A few short years and lots of trial and error later, He finally figured out what never works and what works best (which happens to be way simpler than you might think).

As a result, He has been able to help thousands of people lose fat, build muscles and become healthiest versions of themselves.

Now, His mission (and vision) is to simplify the over-complicated advice and clear up misleading myths, lies and scams in health and fitness space generally ... and... help you make your journey to health and  total body Fitness an easy, sweet and enjoyable ride.

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