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Want to lose weight quickly?..

It's old news that exercising and adding healthy Foods to your diet is the way to go.

However, what about the drinks in your diet? 

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Some drinks can spoil your weight loss effort, while others can help you lose weight faster.

What drinks help you lose weight fast?... Good question!

In this article, I'll be exposing you to 6 powerful weight loss drinks.

Without too much talk...Here Are The 6 Fat Burning Drinks:

1. Whey Protein Shake

Whey Protein Shake

Whey protein shakes are drinks jam-packed with pure protein that helps you maintain lean muscles while burning fat.

It assists in discharging a lot of cholecystokinin (CCK) – an appetite-suppressing hormone. 

People who participated in this study eat way less after drinking Whey protein shake 90 mins before a buffet

Whey protein may also assist in the regulation of blood sugar and insulin – meaning less fat storage.

Here's the sweetest part:

drinking whey protein shake is a convenient and easy way to get in those proteins without cooking, frying or baking whatsoever. 

PRO TIP: Drink a protein shake before your meals to help you eat less.

2. Yogurt


Yoghurts are loaded with protein and calcium.

The protein in yoghurt keeps you full and maintains lean muscle mass – and the calcium in Yoghurt helps you melt fat while restricting the amount of fat your body can make

 This Study reveals you can lose up to 61% more fat and up to 81% more belly fat just by adding yogurt to your diet.

To give your smoothies more weight loss power then try adding all natural yogurts to them.

3. Coffee

Cup of Coffee

Coffee and Tea are harmless by themselves 

It’s when you add cream and sugar that they become fattening.

Did you know that having...

A cup of coffee or tea with cream and two cubes of sugar is as bad as having a big piece of rich chocolate

The caffeine in coffee helps suppress your appetite and increases your metabolism plus… the caffeine also gives you more energy during your workouts for a better and longer workout session.

That said, You shouldn't drink more than 1-to-2 cups per day because it will cause the opposite effect.

If you think coffee was powerful  then you need to check out the next drink on the list

4. Green Tea

Green tea bags

Green Tea is a powerhouse when it comes to weight loss – and I don’t say that lightly.

Here a few ways green tea can help you lose weight:

  • Green tea is a diuretic, meaning it flushes out Fake Fat (i.e. excess water weight)
  • It contains caffeine which boasts your fat-burning metabolism by up to 4% (proof)
  • Green tea ramps up your energy (proof) – meaning a harder and longer fat-burning workout session.
  • It increases appetite-suppressing hormones like cholecystokinin (CCK) which helps you eat less and controls cravings. (proof and more proof)
  • Green tea increases the amount of Fat- breakdown hormones like adrnaline and adiponectin that accelerates your fat burning. (proof & more proof)

The best part is:

Green tea is rich in antioxidants which prolong your life.

Bottom line is:

Drink green tea in the morning, afternoon, night, before workout, after workout etc. (about 7 times a day)

5. Red Wine

Red Wine

Yes! Wine (I know, shocking.)

Studies show that moderate wine drinkers have narrower waists and less belly fat than liquor drinkers. Studies also show that Downing a glass of wine can boost your calorie burn for a good 90 minutes.

Dry wine is better than sweet wine. Sweet wines naturally contain a lot of sugar.

But on the other hand, in dry wine, most of the sugar has been fermented away. 

So from weight loss point of view, dry wines are better than sweet wines.

6. Water

Bottle of Water

It’s going to be old news for you to be reminded that water helps improve the overall metabolism of the body thus helps burn fat.

In case you didn’t know water has no calories and water also helps flush out toxins for the body to stay healthy.

Drinking a couple glasses of water before meals will also make you eat much less so, you lose more weight easily.

If you’re serious about losing weight, then drink about 2.2 litres of water daily.

Now It's Your Turn

First Share this posts with your friends and family so they can know about the superpowers these drinks have (they'll give you a big hug for it).

lastly, leave a comment to let me know which of these drinks you'll add to your diet, drinks I missed on the list or if you have any question.

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  2. Accurately placed. Just wanted to add a little on the yogurt part.

    The type of yogurt is plain yogurt.

    Flavored yogurt contain too much sugar and additives that would not help your weight loss aim at all.

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