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Interested in Greek yogurt?


In this blog post you'll discover everything you need to know about greek yogurt including:

What is Greek Yogurt ?

Greek yogurt (sometimes called strained yogurt) is a creamier, flavourful and less sweet type of yogurt.

It is typically made by combining milk with live cultures (bacteria), which is then strained to remove the liquid whey that naturally occurs in milk.

The straining process also removes some of the lactose sugars, salt, and water. That's why greek yogurt is thicker, higher in protein, and lower in sugar and carbs than standard yogurt.

Quick Facts About Greek Yogurt 

Other Names

Strained yogurt, yogurt cheese, sack yoghurt


Greece, Central Asia or Middle East




Thick & Creamy 


Tart, Less Sweet


97 Kcal/100g

Main Nutrient

Protein (9g)

Fat (5g)

Vitamin B2 (0.278mg)

Vitamin B5 (0.331 mg)

Vitamin B6 (0.063 mg)

Vitamin B12(0.75 µg)

Calcium (100 mg)

Selenium (9.7 µg)

Zinc (0.52 mg)

Phosphorus (135 mg) 

** Based on 100 g Serving [1]

Is Habib yogurt greek yogurt?

Habib yogurt is not greek yogurt. However, you can make greek yogurt using Habib yogurt because it contains  live culture (bacteria) which is needed for making greek yogurt.

Habib yogurts might start making greek yogurts in the near future but as at the time of writing this they don't.

Examples of Greek Yogurt in Nigeria 

Just to name a few, examples of greek yogurts in Nigeria are SantiFoodCo greek yogurt, keziafoods greek yogurt, Zivas yogurt, healthnhealthy greek yogurt. 

How to make Greek Yoghurt in Nigeria (At home)

The good news is that making Greek yogurt at home is quite easy and requires just 2 ingredients. So you can hardly mess it up. 

Anyway, here's how it's done:

Greek Yoghurt Recipe

Recipe by Fitnigerian

This recipe is the homemade greek yogurt recipe using Habib yogurt (with live culture) and powdered milk.

4.7 Star Rating

Greek Yogurt Nigeria




4 people

Prep Time
5 Min

Total Time
6 Hours 20 Min

  • 500mL of milk (or 7 small sachet milk mixed with 2 cups of water)
  • 1½ tablespoon of yogurt with bacteria culture in it (e.g. Habib yogurt contains D.V.S culture)
  1. 1
    Put milk in a pot and let it boil until it's very hot.
  2. 2
    Once hot, remove boiled milk from heat and allow to cool down until it's warm.
  3. 3
    Transfer warm milk into a glass bowl or container (don't use stainless steel because metals can interfere with the bacteria culture in the yogurt)
  4. 4
    Add in your 1½ tablespoons of yogurt with bacteria culture (e.g. Habib yogurt)
  5. 5
    Cover properly with a kitchen towel and keep in a warm place for 6 to 12 hours (or preferably overnight) 
  6. 6
    Lastly, put the white firm custard looking yogurt into a cheesecloth (or clean t-shirt or scarf) with a bowl underneath. And allow the excess liquid (whey) to drain out of the yogurt.
    NB: This draining process will take a couple of hours, so it better to transfer it into the fridge. 
  7. 7
    Once the yogurt reaches the consistency you're okay with, then it's ready to be served.
  • The whey (i.e the excess liquid drained from the yogurt) can be useful. You can add them to your smoothies recipes or use in place of buttermilk and milk in your baking and other recipes.
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Where to Buy Greek Yogurt in Nigeria

There are a thousand and one places you can buy greek yogurt in Nigeria. You can buy it in many major supermarkets in Nigeria (like Shoprite). Also, you can buy from online vendors on Instagram, Jumia, supermart and so on. But before you buy, ensure you read this:

Warning about Buying Greek Yogurt

Take note that many commercially sold greek yogurt out there may not be made the organic way. Thickening agents like corn starch, condense milk, carrageenan or gelatin can be added in to shortcut the process.

Also, since Greek yogurt has a less-sweet taste, producers tend to add more sugar and artificial sweeteners than usual to appease to consumers taste.

Long story short, ensure you are only buying organic, unsweetened Greek yogurt.

How to Use Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt can be used in a variety of interesting ways like:

- Used as a substitute for mayonnaise.

- Used in place of oil in marinating fish, chicken and pork.

- Used as a base for fruit smoothies instead of using juice or milk.

- Used as a substitute for cheese and macaroni and other baked pasta dishes.

- Used to make dips served with dates.

- Used as topping instead of sour cream 

Also, it can be served on its own or served it as a side dish or dessert.

Finally, let's look at some of the health benefits of Greek yogurt...

Health Benefit of Greek Yogurt

Eating Greek yogurt may be good for your health thanks to the nutrients like calcium, protein, probiotics, iodine, vitamin B-12, and more it contains.

Which gives it some potential health benefits including:

Aids Weight Loss

Greek yogurt contains almost twice as much protein and less sugar than regular yogurt.

And as we know it, dietary protein is a weight watchers best ally. Because among many things, protein helps keep you full longer, which can help you consume fewer calories overall, thus you lose weight.

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Help Improve Bone Health

Greek yogurt is rich in both calcium and protein. Calcium can help enhance the health of your bones and reduce your chances of developing the bone disease, Osteoporosis [2]

Also, studies [3] have shown that protein is also important for bone health.

In addition, Greek yogurt also contains vital bone-building nutrients like Vitamin D magnesium and phosphorus.

Good for Building Muscle Mass

Greek yogurt pass as a great muscle building food. Because is contain a significant amount of protein, which has been proven to help increase muscle in people that lift weights [4]

Help Improves gut health

Greek yogurt comes loaded with probiotics [5]. And probiotics are the good bacteria that may help improve the overall gut health. 

May Assist in Lowering blood pressure

Some study suggests that fermented milk with probiotics may help reduce blood pressure [6,  7 ]. And Greek yogurt is a form of probiotic fermented milk.

Note that some other research results suggest otherwise, so at this point it still inconclusive. In essence, some some see result while other don't get significant result.

Encourages good mental health

Some studies have linked consumption of about 100g probiotic yogurt a day to better mental health, less stress, anxiety and depression [89]

Reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes

A 2014 study suggests that consuming more yogurt can help reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Note that this applies to only yogurt and not other dairy products.

Helps Prevents yeast infections

You see, Yeast infection happens when good bacteria in the guts and vagina tracks are out-numbered.

Since Greek yogurt contains a good number of probiotic bacteria, it can help prevent this from happening.

In other words, consuming more Greek yogurt may help prevent yeast infection by keeping a healthy balance of good bacteria in the gut and vagina.

Help Strengthen immunity

Greek yogurt contains Vitamin D and probiotics. Two anti-oxidants that can help boost immunity. For instance,  probiotics may help promote the number of white blood cells to neutralise the effect of pathogens.


Greek Yogurt Summary 

Other Names

Strained yogurt, yogurt cheese, sack yoghurt


Greece, Central Asia or Middle East




Thick & Creamy 


Tart, Less Sweet


97 Kcal/100g

Main Nutrient

- Protein (9g)

- Fat (5g)

- Vitamin B2 (0.278mg)

- Vitamin B5 (0.331 mg)

- Vitamin B6 (0.063 mg)

- Vitamin B12(0.75 µg)

- Calcium (100 mg)

- Selenium (9.7 µg)

- Zinc (0.52 mg)

- Phosphorus (135 mg) 

** Based on 100 g Serving [1]


- Aids Weight Loss

- Helps Bone Health

- Good For Muscle-mass

- Help Gut Health

- May Help blood pressure

- Helps Mental Health

- May Reduce Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

- Helps Prevent Yeast Infections

- Help Strengthen Immunity 

Use For:

- Spreads

- Marinating

- Base for smoothies

- Cheese substitute

- Food Dips

- Food topping

Greek Yogurt Recipe (2 ingredients)
Greek Yogurt Nigeria: 9 Benefits, How to make & Where to buy 1

Here's how to make Greek Yogurt at home easily with just two simple ingredients.

Type: Appetizer

Cuisine: Nigerian

Recipe Yield: 4

Calories: 59

Preparation Time: PT5M

Cooking Time: PT6H15M

Total Time: PT6H20M

Recipe Ingredients:

  • Milk
  • Yogurt

Recipe Instructions: Heat milk until hot and allow to cool down until it's warm. Add in 1½ tablespoons of yoghurt with a bacteria culture. Cover properly for 6 to 12 hours Sieve out excess liquid with a cheesecloth

Editor's Rating:


Greek yogurt is thicker, creamier, and less sweet kind of yogurt. Which is rich in protein calcium and probiotics among many other useful nutrients.

Regular intake of organic Greek yogurt may be beneficial to your health in so many ways including your gut health, mental health and immune health just to mention a few.

And the best part is you can easily make Greek yogurt yourself at home with only 2 ingredients. Check the recipe above to learn how.

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    1. Hello, honestly, I don’t know if it will work with skimmed milk, Whole milk is always recommended.

      And you can use unsweetened yogurt as long as it has live cultures in it. (you can even use already-made greek yoghurt)

  1. Comment
    please what z the price of the Greek yogurt
    how long does it stay before it spoils
    what quantity can someone take daily

    1. Price of greek yoghurt varies from brand to brand.

      In the fridge, greek yoghurt can stay for about 14 to 24 days. However, the taste will become sourer the longer it stays. Also, note that the longer it sits in the fridge, the more watery substance forms on top of the yoghurt.

      Finally, the quantity you can daily depends on your goals.

  2. Good morning, thanks so much for the tips on how to make Greek yogurt.
    I have tried really hard but it turns out bad.
    Please specifically what good milk and live culture yogurt should I use aside Habib yogurt.

    1. Hello Wendy,

      Any milk will do. And aside Habib yoghurt, you can use ready-made greek yoghurt or any yoghurt that contains live culture.

  3. Thanks a lot for your recipe. Please can I use Nunu sold by those hausa women as a substitute for my culture?

    1. Well, I have never tried it before so I don’t know if it will work.

      You can try it and see. Ensure you give us feedback sha!

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