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Supplements — as they are called — are just “supplements”,

NOT substitutes for eating actual HEALTHY foods.

They don’t do anything on their own, they can only HELP!

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Now, before I give out the only weight loss supplements you need, we need to get a few things straight here first! 

  • NO supplements are actually needed to lose weight (Including the ones I'm about to recommend).
  • Almost all (about 95%) of supplements are either dangerous, useless, unnecessary, or a combination of all 3.
  • NO Supplements will make up for a Poor Diet or a bad Workout Program


You’ve learnt some "fun facts" about supplements and supplement companies, then we’re ready to get rolling.

So it time to answer the question...

What supplements should You be taking?

Well, If you’re expecting to see supplements like Cambodia, Raspberry Ketones, Green coffee extract and so on, then...

I'm Sorry to disappoint you.

Wait! Did you seriously think I would recommend unsafe or useless weight loss drugs? Of course not.

Speaking of which…

How Did I Come Up With The List Of Best Weight Loss Supplements?

Simple. They just had to meet these requirements:

  1. The supplements must be completely safe — any slight chance of it being unsafe…. It didn’t make my list of  my “weight loss supplements”
  2. They must be scientifically proven with real-life results to be useful for the body somehow.
  3. They must be beneficial to your health

That said, without further ado here are the Only Weight Loss Supplements You Ever Need:

1. Fish Oil

Fish Oil Supplement

It might be the closest thing we have to a “miracle pill” (you’ll see why soon)

Fish oil is basically oil found in some fatty fish like salmon.

What makes fish oil so “powerful” is because it contains omega-3 fatty acids particularly eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)

When you hear people talk about “good fats” they are mostly talking about the EPA and DHA found in omega-3

Our typical everyday diets seriously lack in these great fatty acids (EPA&DHA) that’s why EVERYbody including doctors, nutritionist, dieticians, trainers and of course me recommends “fish oil supplements”.

Before I get to the part how fish oil can help you lose weight,

let's quickly look at the endless benefit of fish oil (AKA miracle pill)

  • Boost brain power
  • Makes skin and hair more beautiful
  • Help reduce joint pain
  • Helps improve focus and concentration
  • Boost your immune system
  • Helps improve memory
  • Decreases risk of cancer
  • Decreases the risk of heart attack and stroke
  • And much much more!

I can keep going all day!—Doubt me?! — Alright, fish oil also….

  • Has an anti-ageing effect
  • Promotes weight loss and maintenance
  • Reduces menstrual conditions
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Improves various skin conditions
  • Helps to build muscles
  • Works as an anti-inflammatory
  • Reduces/prevent Diabetes
  • And much much more!

Still not convinced about the power of fish oil… then watch this video from CNN below:


Where was I again?...Yea I remember….

How Does Fish Oil Help You Lose Weight?

If you’re on this page, you’re likely more concerned about how fish oil can help you lose weight. here are a few ways….

  • Promotes fat oxidation
  • Improve insulin sensitivity
  • Helps to increase the effectiveness of your exercises
  • It has an Anti-Lipogenic effect – which means it decreases fat storage
  • And an anti-catabolic effect – this means it prevents muscle breakdown
  • Increase thermogenesis – which means it helps you’ll naturally burn more calories dailyHelps sends a signal from your stomach to your brain that you’re full when you’ve eaten enough (which some people definitely need if you know what I mean! LOL!)
  • Improve calorie partitioning – this simply means that fish oil helps your body to burn more of your stored body fat instead of muscle tissues for energy (which we definitely want)

And much more!


How Should You Take Fish Oil?

Fish oil supplement should Not be taken on an empty stomach instead it should be taken with your “meals”.

I said meals cos I assume you’ll be taking more than one capsule a day to reach the daily required dosage.

Speaking of dosage….

How Much Fish Oil Should You Take Daily?

According to research and recommendations from experts, for an average adult

Optimum fish oil dosage is between 1 – 3 grams of combined EPA and DHA daily

Note this: we are mostly concerned about omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA ingredients in the fish oil supplement because they are the ingredients that provide all the goodies! (benefits) we’ve been talking about all day!



How many capsules you take daily depends on the EPA & DHA content of each capsule of the brand of fish oil supplement you’re taking.

Just look at the back of the bottle of your fish oil supplement where the ingredient label is, to know the amount of EPA & DHA of each capsule.

For example:

Fish Oil Supplement Label

From the above label, you need between 2 to 4 capsules to meet the recommended daily dosage

That said we need to be cautious.

A Big Caution About Fish Oil Supplements

Just like any other supplements there are a lot of low-quality synthetic fish oil supplement (contains low amount of EPA& DHA) that are all over the place

So when choosing a brand of fish oil supplements to buy be very cautious!!!

Here Are Some Things To Look Out For When Choosing Your Fish Oil Supplement1

  1. Try to find fish oil supplements  in “Triglyceride form” 
  2. Certified certified and CERTIFIED— always use certified food supplements - it is your quality guarantee.
  3. Make sure that the supplement is made in the USA or Europe, the ones from china are usually low-quality!
  4. Make sure it contains DHA (Docosahexaenoic) Acid in it — DHA is an expensive but important ingredient — Cheap, low-quality manufacturers avoid it.
  5. You know that high-quality fish is expensive. Quality fish oil capsules should not be cheap. If that would put you to an uncomfortable situation financially, please look for another supplement.

Side note: number 2 to 5 on the list are the “exact words” of a licensed dietician.

So Which Brand Do I Recommend You Buy?

I strongly recommend the Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega brand  because It obviously pass the 5 criteria above for choosing a perfect fish oil supplements.

And countless of doctors, dieticians and nutrition experts recommend it.

A couple of lab test comparing different fish oil supplement brands for quality, purity and if they actually contain accurate amounts of total omega-3, EPA, and DHA claimed on the label — Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega was one of the top brands

Yea one last thing...

It doesn’t have that “fishy” aftertaste that comes from taking fish oil supplements.

The downside is that it’s a bit pricey which is not too bad for its level of quality!

If you get Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega you should be taking a dosage of at least 2 capsules or at most 5 capsules (except your doctor says otherwise!)

Any Alternatives To Fish Oil Supplements?

Yes, they are alternatives:

Some other supplement high is the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA such as "krill oil "have been gaining a lot of attention and recommendations (more of that in another post).

For now, let’s move onto the next weight loss supplement on the list...

2. Whey Protein Powder

Chocolate Protein Powder

Whey Protein powder is simply protein in form of powder — when you add any form of liquid (like water, milk etc) to it then it becomes a protein shake.

Just like any other protein source (like fish, meat, egg ETC), it provides all the goodies protein has to offer. However, the real beauty about protein powder comes from the fact that it’s a very easy, quick and convenient way to consume a high amount of protein.

It requires no cooking, frying, grilling or any of that kind of stuff!

All it requires is mixing a few scoops of protein powder with some form of liquid (like water, milk etc) and viola! ….. you have yourself a drinkable high protein meal.


Before I talk about how protein powder can help you lose weight I need to quickly stress this:

I recommend you should get the majority of your protein intake from high protein foods (chicken, fish, turkey, eggs etc.)— protein powder supplement should just be supplements (add-on) not a replacement for healthy protein real foods.

Now we’ve gotten that out of the way here is…

How Whey Protein Can Help You Lose Weight

Protein powders have no “special powers” on its own to make you lose weight—it’s the high protein content that makes it important.


Your daily proteins intake is a Huge part of your diet plan especially when you’re trying to lose weight cause of reasons like:

  • It ensures weight loss is mainly fat not muscles (what we want!)
  • Protein also helps you build and maintain muscles, which is important!
  • It's satiating —in other words filling— which helps in controlling hunger
  • It helps building, repairing and proper function of muscles, organs, blood, skin, hair etc (i.e overall health and function of your body)

Now we can see how cool and important protein is in our diet.

That’s why protein powder is a highly recommended weight loss supplement to conveniently make up for the high amount of protein we need to consume per day.

There are different types of protein powder available, the most popular ones’ being...

Whey and Casein protein (which are both gotten from milk)

I won’t go into much details about them in this post, but for now what you need to know is that Whey protein is perfectly fine if you’re trying to lose weight.

When And How Should You Take Protein Powder?

It can be taken with or without other foods — at any time of the day as needed to meet your daily required protein intake.

Yea I almost forgot...

You should also get a shaker bottle because its makes mixing of your protein shakes effortless.

If you are wondering what a shaker bottle is:

It’s just a plastic cup with a cover and some type of “blending thing” inside. They are really cheap and useful.

If you don’t have one yet I recommend you pick up this one, I use. Blender Bottle.

Now let's move on to the final supplement on this list


Multi Vitamins

I’m pretty sure we all know what multivitamins are already and are surprised to find them on a list of so-called weight loss supplements.

Relax it will make sense soon!

Well, for starters, multivitamins are supplements that contain essential vitamins and minerals our bodies need to keep us alive and healthy

These vitamins and mineral normally are supposed to be supplied through our everyday diet. However, it's no secret that most people don’t eat well enough.

So taking multivitamins is an easy and convenient way of making up for those vitamins and minerals we are lacking in our diet.

I know you might be wondering:

How Do Multivitamins Help You Lose Weight?

The answer simple.

It helps control food cravings.

You see, lack of enough nutrients in the body (especially trace minerals) can lead to uncontrollable massive food cravings.

So multivitamin can help prevent that.

That said:

Which Multivitamins Should You Take?

There are a couple of good multivitamin brands on the market, however, there is no “perfect one”

The multivitamin you should choose should depend on various factors like your own specific needs, the quantity and quality of mineral and vitamin they contain and price (nothing too cheap or too expensive)

For specific brands I don’t have any recommendation cos as I said depends on your personal needs, you can ask a pharmacist for advice.

Final Notes

  • If your goal is to lose weight, I can assure you 100% that theses are the only supplements you may need, most other weight-loss supplements are a complete waste of your time, money and can be dangerous to your health.
  • The supplements I recommended (Fish Oil, Protein Powder and Multivitamin) are absolutely safe for an average healthy adult. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking any medications, please consult a doctor before using any of the above supplements. Discontinue use and consult a doctor immediately if adverse reactions occur.

What To Do Now

First I want you to share this post with your friends and family on social media, you might save someone’s life and who about to buy one of these dangerous supplements, thank you!

Leave a comment if you have any question —or have experience with any supplement in general that people should be aware of — or just let me know which ones you'll start taking

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    1. What you're consuming is simply laxative packaged as slimming tea. He already said slimming teas are SCAM. Why do you think your BURN slimming tea is any different? There's no shortcut to weightloss. I'll advise you stop using it before you damage your kidneys and colon.

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    1. Hello,

      First and foremost, it’s not compulsory for weight loss. That said, the price will vary based on the brand and where you’re buying it from.

  12. Thank you very much Femi. It’s quite interesting. I will do justice to your recommendations.
    Tell anybody looking for Whey protein in the East to go to Rufus Obi Pharmacy at Aba-Owerri Aba Abia State. Opposite Union Bank.

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        1. Hello, First and foremost, protein powder is not really necessary.

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          And if you must buy protein powder, then you’ll to buy online, Sorry.

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    1. Hello, Multivitamin doesn’t make you feel hungry. As they are called, they are just “multiple” Vitamins in a capsule.

      You’re probably talking about some weight gain medicines (which Nigerian also call multivitamin)

    1. You’re welcome Fatimah. There is no perfect one really.

      It depends on the nutrients your body is lacking (So you have to do a checkup with your doctor)

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    1. The price depends on the brand really. However, good ones are not cheap (anything above 10K Naira)

      And yes kids can take omega 3 supplements. But it’s always better you give them more fatty fish to eat.

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    1. Fish oil and cod liver oil are two different oils. However, they both come from fish and have similar benefits.

      That said, ensure you check the EPA and DHA content is high in whichever one you’re buying.

  27. There is nothing in the link for protein powder. Can you send a name. I use usn or forever lite for now. Thanks

    1. Thanks For Pointing that out. USN is okay.

      I don’t personally have a specific brand in mind at the moment.

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    1. Thanks, Aisha. Most of those celebrities are being paid, most times, to promote those unnecessary supplements and gadgets.

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    1. Hello Kenny,

      If you could afford them, then you could buy the three. They all have different purposes. The two most important ones are the fish oil supplements and multivitamins.

      You can (and should) always get most of your proteins from animal sources like meat, egg and so on.

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    1. Hello Precious,

      You don’t have to use the 3 supplements. And they don’t all do the same work, each one has it’s own use.

      The price of each one depends on the brand (and where) you buy. I linked to where you can buy some of the supplements in the article to give you ideas of the price.

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    1. It’s good to know the article was helpful. NO you don’t have to use the 3 supplements together to lose weight.

      It all depends on your needs, budget and unique situation.

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