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Searching for weight loss herbs and spices in Nigeria?

Well, search no more!

Because I have compiled a list of some of the local herbs/spices that can help you burn fat faster.

These herbs and spices are common ingredients you find in Yoruba agbo and other herbal medicine for weight loss in Nigeria. 

Herbs/Spices for Weight Loss 

Here are some pretty powerful herbs and some spices that not only add tastes and flavour to our foods but also pack some weight loss punch...

1. Garlic For Weight Loss

Garlic is a common herb/spice that used in many weight loss concussions. and for good reason. You see, some recent studies suggest that garlic can help you shed some excess weight. Because Garlic contains the special compound  "allacin", which both boosts your metabolism and suppresses hunger.

For best results, try to eat at least one garlic clove daily. Or better still, you can add in garlic as a spice in preparing your meals. It not only boosts the taste and flavour of your food, but it will also help you eat less.

2. Aloe Vera For Weight Loss

Aloe vera is another herb that has been priced for its weight loss abilities. The aloe vera gel (from the flesh of the Aloe leaves) are found to be rich in vitamins and have powerful antioxidants. All  of which helps boost your metabolism, improve gut health, clearing and detoxing your body system (amongst many other health benefits).

It is advised you take about 1-2 teaspoons of aloe gel daily. Or mix the aloe gel with smoothie or juice.

3. Green Tea For Weight Loss

Without a shadow of a doubt, green tea is one best herbal remedies for weight loss.

Green tea is choke-full of antioxidants (like catechins), which helps rev your metabolism.

That's not all. You see, green tea also contains some caffeine. And as we know it, caffeine helps in stimulating the burning of body fat.

In addition, green tea is low in calories and can help suppress your appetite and curb cravings. 

In essence, you can drink it as much 4 times daily. You should be drinking green tea 20 to 30 minutes before each meal. So you end of consuming less food.

4. Zobo leaf For Weight Loss

 Zobo leaf extract is found in many weight loss product.

Some studies suggest that Zobo can reduce the secretion the enzyme, amylase, which is responsible for  breaking down carbs into sugar molecules.

This means that zobo may help in decreasing the absorption of starch and glucose from your meals. 

Zobo is also said to help in removing excess body water and prevent bloating.

Note: For best results, drink your zobo without added sugar.

If you need a delicious zobo recipe (without added sugar), then check out this >> Zobo drink guide

5. Cinnamon For Weight Loss

Cinnamon is one super spice rich in antioxidants that offer a wide range of health benefits. And can help with weight loss and management.   

You see, cinnamon is an effective metabolism booster because it helps controls insulin blood sugar levels [12]. And the faster your metabolism, the easier it is to lose weight and keep it off.

Also, cinnamon may decrease levels of some digestive enzymes in order to slow down the breakdown of carbs [3]. Which may help reduce appetite and hunger.

If you're itching to know more about cinnamon, how to use it and where to buy it, then view this article >> More about cinnamon here

6. Cayenne Pepper For Weight Loss

Cayenne pepper is rich in the compound, capsaicin, which gives it the signature heat property. Capsaicin has been shown in studies to increase the metabolic rate, thus increasing the calories burnt throughout the day [45].

Capsaicin may also help in reducing the feeling of hunger. A study on a group of  thirty people (30) concluded that consuming food containing capsaicin leads to decrease in ghrelin levels (the hormone responsible for stimulating hunger) [6].

In essence, don't shy away from adding a little more pepper to spice up your meals, it can help you shed some weight off.

Speaking of pepper, cousin of the cayenne pepper is next.

7. Black Pepper For Weight Loss

Black pepper is loaded with a powerful compound called piperine, which gives it its distinctive flavour and potential weight loss ability.

Piperine has been shown to suppress the formation of fat cells in animals. For example, one research study [7] revealed that piperine supplementation helped rats on a high-fat diet to reduce body weight (without changing their diet).

Unfortunately, as I write this, I couldn't find any research studies on the weight loss effect of black on humans. Only studies on  animal and test-tubes.

Regardless, you can combine black and cayenne pepper to help speed up the fat-burning process.

8. Ginger For Weight Loss

Ginger as long been used in local medicine to relieve a wide range of ailments.

Ginger has also been proved in many studies to help in weight loss in a variety of ways.

For instance, a study revealed that ginger may help reduce body weight by boosting metabolism and at the same time decreasing fat absorption and appetite [8]. 

Here's a ginger weight loss recipe for you (on the house)

Ginger Tea Weight Loss Recipe

  • ½ inch ginger
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • 1 cup water
How To Prepare
  1. Put a cup of water on heat
  2. Crush the ginger root using a mortar and pestle, preferably 
  3. Add the crushed ginger root into the boiling water.
  4. Allow to boil for about 2 more minutes .
  5. Turn off heat and add in your honey.
  6. Strain and stir properly before drinking.

Do not consume too much ginger as it may cause nausea, gas, and stomach upset.

9. Turmeric For Weight Loss

Turmeric is a flavourful, medicinal and vibrant spice. Most of the turmeric properties and health benefits are linked to a compound called curcumin.

Curcumin has been shown in numerous studies to help in many health problems including Inflammations, bad cholesterol, obesity and more.

In particular, one study  showed intake of curcumin twice a day for one month was effective in improving fat loss, dropping belly fat and increasing weight loss by up to 5% in 44 obese people [9].

Note that studies use a concentrated amount of curcumin, far greater than the quantity present in a typical dose of turmeric.

So, more research is needed to determine how turmeric itself may affect fat loss.

Word of caution!!!

Please, and please, don't over-consume any of the herbs/spices in the name of losing weight.

Over consuming any herbs/spice comes with some serious side effects. Using them in little quantity for seasoning foods is more than enough to provide all juicy health benefits with little to no risk of any side effects.

And if you're not using herbs/spices for seasoning, then stick to at most 1 tablespoon (14 grams) per day.

If you're taking  herbs in form supplement, it’s crucial  to follow the recommended dosage on the package to avoid and y complications.

Additionally, if you have any health issues, pregnant, or are taking any medications whatsoever, then talk to your doctor before taking any supplement.

Finally, if you experience any negative side effects or food allergy symptoms, immediately stop usage and go see your doctor.


As we have seen, all above-mentioned herbs/spices not only add colour and flavour to your meals, they also can help boost metabolism, increase satiety and prevent the formation of fat cells.

So, adding more of these herbs/spices to your meals is one of the easiest and delicious ways to speed up weight loss.

However, do not go overboard with it. Moderation is key when using herbs and spices.

And finally, ensure you combine these herbs/spices with a healthy weight loss diet and good exercise program to get the best results.

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    And it will be nice if you can give a break down of meals to be consumed for whatever calorie level people fall into to help us with our meals and to help with weight loss. Thanks

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