Last Updated 15/11/2020

When it comes to weight loss, I'm sure you've heard enough about "exercise"   for one lifetime. 

However, what you hardly hear about is how effective exercises are for weight loss.


If you've ever wondered how much exercise you need to do, in order to burn off calories from popular Naija foods, then you'll love this infographic. 

With no further ado, ladies and gentlemen, today.... right here... right now, I present to you the  battle between:

 Nigerian foods Versus Exercises in the weight-loss title fight...


Nigerian Food & Exercise Infographics

Here’s my take on the Nigerian foods Versus Exercises insights from the infographic:

Now, if you’re looking to shed some kilograms, you need to consume less calories than your body needs (Discussed in full detail HERE). For example, if you decided to reduce your calories by - let's say - 600 cals daily,

in theory, you can do that by either cutting down calories (you eat) or burning more calories (through physical activities) or both.

Now, from the infographics, you can either not eat that wrap of Semovita or you spend 1-hour 40-minute cycling in the gym.

Is that wrap of Semo worth an hour and forty minutes in the gym?”

My point?

It’s much easier to cut calories than to burn them off.

And not to mention that an average overweight person cannot keep up with an hour plus of exercise at the gym.

So a "better" way is to eat less calories... simple.

However, that's not the "best" way. The best way is to do both (Diet and exercise)

You see, although your diet is more important when it comes to weight-loss, however, exercise has its own undeniable benefits. 

So you need to exercise to support your diet.

So it all adds up to this:

While diet and exercise are both important for long-term weight loss, remember the moral of the story is: 

“You can’t out-exercise a bad diet”

Eat smart.

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