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Did you know that...

 the diet and fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar a year industry?

And can you guess where these billions are made from?— YES! From sales of useless fitness products (junks that hardly works)


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Before we get to the only weight loss products you’ll ever need, let's get the ones you should never buy out of the way first!

Cool?! … alright

Here are...


Weight Loss Products You Should NEVER PAY For...

1.Weight Loss Pills and Supplements

If you know me well, I’m sure you would have guessed that this will be the number one on my list 🙂 


most weight loss pills and supplements have 3 things in common:

They are either...

  • Dangerous!
  • Do absolutely nothing!
  • Or are completely unnecessary!

When it comes to weight loss, there are only 3 supplements you need really! (in my opinion) — luckily I wrote about them HERE

That said now onto the next rubbish…

2. Abs machines

The truth about abs machines:

they're absolutely unnecessary because they don’t do anything special.

The worst part:

Using Abs machines is just a form of punishment for those trying to lose belly fat (LOL!)

Please don’t punish yourself for nothing or waste your money — Your diet is the Key to losing those belly fat.

For the records those models you see advertising the ab machines, never used them to get their abs.

3. Any product that sounds “too good to be true!”

Have you ever heard the quote?

"If it Sounds Too Good to Be True, it Probably fraud" — of course, you have

So any product (eBook, video, program or website) claiming you’ll lose a ridiculous amount of weight in X days or has a secret easy shortcut to losing weight is guaranteed to be fraud.

Now you know what not to waste money on, let's move on to….

Weight Loss Products You Should Pay For

4. Digital body Weight Scale

Tracking your progress is too important in your weight loss journey — that’s exactly what body scales are for. 

I recommend you get a digital scale instead of the old-fashioned analogue scale.

Why digital instead of analogue scales?

 Simple. digital because the tiniest changes in your weight can be seen! 

Besides it's more convenient — you know how analogue scales can be torture when you’re trying to see the little needle while standing on the scale — digital scales just shows you a number!

Finally, analogue scale could mess up the accuracy of tracking your progress.

Other Products (Absolutely Optional) used To track progress as well are:

Any device with a digital camera (a smartphone will do!)
Taking pictures of yourself at least once a month is important when it comes to tracking your progress.

You see, you might not notice those little difference/changes in your body, cos you see yourself all the time.

And that’s where pictures come in handy. They act as your truly accurate memory, showing you every little difference and progress you’ve made — which is a good source of motivation to keep you going!

Measuring tape

A tape measure is another progress tracking product that shows you how many inches you lose/gain in different parts of your body.

Body Fat Caliper

Body fat calipers will show you how much of actual FAT you lose/gain in your weight gain/loss —Your weight can go up or down (change) due to fat, water, or muscle. 

Now onto the next product (my favourite 🙂 ) ...

5. Food

There is no better weight loss product on the planet than food.

Alright, I know you might be surprised to see food on a “so-called” list of weight loss product...

But the truth is:

Food is like a two edge sword— sure it can be used to gain weight— BUT also to lose weight

Which means if you eat better types of food, eat the right amount, and cook the right way, then “Food” is your best weapon for weight loss.

6.Gym Membership

Gym Membership is not a product per say… it's more like a service that gives you access to plenty of workout products (equipment). We all know how important working out is, and most workout needs equipment…. That’s why we need a gym.

Yes, I know I know you can workout at home. However, to workout at home, you need willpower (a whole lot of it) cos of many distractions at home such as TV, family members etc.

When you go to the gym, you’re away from distraction and more likely to workout cos everyone (or most at least!) around you is working out.

Besides … not to talk about the cost and space for gym equipment in your house can be an issue.

Now It's Your Turn

First I want you to share this post with your friends and family on social media! — so you can help them save their money  (they'll thank you later!)

Lastly, Leave a comment if you have any question —or have experience with any of the useless products — or just let me know which products I missed.

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  1. Femi thank you for this piece.. Godbless.. Really want to know how many gram or percentage of carb, protein and fat I should consume per day for weight loss…currently I weigh 78.5kg would love to loss 12kg…thanks

    1. Hello Excel,

      Check for the post titled “How to lose weight in Nigeria fast! (easy “No-Nonsense” guide)” on this blog. It’s the first post under Blog.

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