Benefit of Cinnamon & Where to Buy Cinnamon in Nigeria (Cheap!)

If you already know about all the amazing benefit of cinnamon and just looking for where to buy cinnamon powder in lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Port Harcourt or where to buy cinnamon in Nigeria in general, then Click HERE.

Now, for the rest of us who want to know more about cinnamon, you're in for a hell of a ride.

Put on your seat belt and let's start our journey by traveling back in time to the origin story of cinnamon...

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  • Femi Oja
  • Updated a couple of months ago

[Infographics] Nigerian Foods VS Exercise

When it comes to weight loss, I'm sure you've heard enough about "exercise"   for one lifetime. 

However, what you hardly hear about is how effective exercises are for weight loss.


If you've ever wondered how much exercise you need to do, in order to burn off calories from popular Naija foods, then you'll love this infographic. 

With no further ado, ladies and gentlemen, today.... right here... right now, I present to you the  battle between:

 Nigerian foods Versus Exercises in the weight-loss title fight...

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4 Drinks Never To Drink If You Want To Lose Weight

You hardly Eat Anything!

You can even swear you don't eat ANYTHING until 1 pm, sometimes — BUT you still can’t lose weight. 

In fact, may be gaining.

bad weight loss drinks

Well, you might not be eating excess calories BUT you might be drinking your calories in different forms and shapes instead.

So, if you remove these drinks from your diet, then it's almost guaranteed that you'll start to see a HUGE difference in your waistline... starting from today.

Which drinks? — glad you asked! —  here are the...

Bad weight loss drinks:

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Top 6 Weight loss products (#1,#2 and #3 Are Useless)

Did you know that...

 the diet and fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar a year industry?

And can you guess where these billions are made from?— YES! From sales of useless fitness products (junks that hardly works)


Weight loss products

Before we get to the only weight loss products you’ll ever need, let's get the ones you should never buy out of the way first!

Cool?! … alright

Here are...

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Calories in Nigerian Foods (over 100 foods in one place)

Looking for calories in Nigerian foods?

Then today is your lucky day because I have compiled a list of over 100 popular Nigerian foods and their calorie content.

If you don’t find the calorie content of any food, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comment section.

Okay, first let me show you how to find the calorie of any food on this page instantly....

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Are These 6 Fat Burning Drinks in your Diet?

Want to lose weight quickly?..

It's old news that exercising and adding healthy Foods to your diet is the way to go.

However, what about the drinks in your diet?

6 Fat Burning Drinks

Some drinks can spoil your weight loss effort, while others can help you lose weight faster.

What drinks help you lose weight fast?... Good question!

In this article, I'll be exposing you to 6 powerful weight loss drinks.

Without too much talk...

Here are the 6 Fat Burning drinks:
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Clean 9 Nigeria: A Brutally Honest Non-Seller Review

I have a quick confession to make!

You see... 

Some many years back, I used to recommend clean 9 to my friends, family and clients.

And this was, in fact, a bad Idea. Now that I know better, I no longer recommend it to anyone (even my worst enemies).

You'll see why in this no-nonsense Clean 9 Nigeria review


Clean 9 Nigeria
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The Only 3 Weight Loss Supplements You Ever Need

Supplements— as they are called — are just “supplements”,

NOT substitutes for eating actual HEALTHY foods.

They don’t do anything on their own, they can only HELP!

weight loss suppliments

Now, before I give out the only weight loss supplements you need, we need to get a few things straight here first! …

  • NO supplements are actually needed to lose weight (Including the ones I'm about to recommend).
  • Almost all (about 95%) of supplements are either dangerous, useless, unnecessary, or a combination of all 3.
  • Most Supplement companies just want to “chop” your money (to the extent of saying or doing anything just to trick you to buy!)
  • NO Supplements will make up for a Poor Diet or a bad Workout Program


You’ve learnt some "fun facts" about supplements and supplement companies, then we’re ready to get rolling.

So it time to answer the question...

What supplements should You be taking?

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39 Best Nigerian Foods For weight Loss

I'm sorry...

I'm about to break your dear little heart.

You see, NO food will actually cause you to lose weight.

It's your overall diet that matters.

These Nigerian foods for weight loss I'm about to reveal to you will only work their "magic" if they makeup majority of your Nigerian diet plan.

...AND... are eaten in the right quantity.

Now the bitter truth is out of the way, let's get to the sweet part you've been waiting for.

With no further delay here are the

39 Best Nigerian Foods For weight loss....

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