4 Drinks Never To Drink If You Want To Lose Weight

You hardly Eat Anything!

You can even swear you don't eat ANYTHING until 1 pm, sometimes — BUT you still can’t lose weight. 

In fact, may be gaining.

bad weight loss drinks

Well, you might not be eating excess calories BUT you might be drinking your calories in different forms and shapes instead.

So, if you remove these drinks from your diet, then it's almost guaranteed that you'll start to see a HUGE difference in your waistline... starting from today.

Which drinks? — glad you asked! —  here are the...

Bad weight loss drinks:

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Top 6 Weight loss products (#1,#2 and #3 Are Useless)

Did you know that...

 the diet and fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar a year industry?

And can you guess where these billions are made from?— YES! From sales of useless fitness products (junks that hardly works)


Weight loss products

Before we get to the only weight loss products you’ll ever need, let's get the ones you should never buy out of the way first!

Cool?! … alright

Here are...

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Calories in Nigerian Foods (over 100 foods in one place)

Looking for calories in Nigerian foods?

Then today is your lucky day because I have compiled a list of over 100 popular Nigerian foods and their calorie content.

If you don’t find the calorie content of any food, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comment section.

Okay, first let me show you how to find the calorie of any food on this page instantly....

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Are These 6 Fat Burning Drinks in your Diet?

Want to lose weight quickly?..

It's old news that exercising and adding healthy Foods to your diet is the way to go.

However, what about the drinks in your diet?

6 Fat Burning Drinks

Some drinks can spoil your weight loss effort, while others can help you lose weight faster.

What drinks help you lose weight fast?... Good question!

In this article, I'll be exposing you to 6 powerful weight loss drinks.

Without too much talk...

Here are the 6 Fat Burning drinks:
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25 Quick Fun Ways to Control Sweet Food Cravings

If you are like any other person on the face of the planet…

 you have sweet food cravings.

In today’s post, I’ll show you 25 ways to deal with even the most persistent cravings.

food cravings

Now, before we dive into these ways, let’s quickly understand what craving is.

Cravings are driven by the brain’s need for “reward” – not the body’s need for food.

COOL BONUS: Download Free “Stop Your Cravings” Chart  That shows 10 Different Types of Cravings and exactly what to eat to stop each type.

Let’s go back to the beginning:

How do you tell the difference between a psychological craving and physical hunger?

Here is the difference…


  • Starts in the mouth, above the neck.
  • Is sudden and urgent
  • It is for a specific food
  • You will go out of your way to get the food.
  • You eat more than you normally would
  • Can be for an emotional reason, are you bored, tired, angry etc..
  • It passes with time
  • Leads to feelings of guilt


  • Starts in the stomach
  • Usually comes on gradually – you can postpone it
  • You will eat any food – you need fuel
  • It intensifies with time
  • Will stop when full
  • Pleasurable without regret

Giving in to a craving will just make you more addicted. If you manage to resist, the cravings will get weaker over time and eventually disappear.

Why do we crave sweet things?

There are many reasons why we go for sweet things:

  • Sugar is a carbohydrate and Carbohydrates stimulate the release of the feel-good brain chemical serotonin.
  • The taste of sugar also releases endorphins that calm, relax us, and offer a natural “high”
  • Sweets just taste good, too. And that preference gets reinforced by rewarding ourselves with sweet treats, which can make you crave it even more.

With all those reasons above, why wouldn’t we crave sweet things eh?

“You crave what you eat, so if you switch what you’re eating, you can weaken your old cravings and strengthen new ones,” says Marcia Pelchat, PhD, of the Monell Center

12. Combine With Nutritious Foods

If you can’t hold your food cravings any longer, at least the best you can do is to think of a way to make it a little healthier. Try combining the craving food with a healthful one, you’ll satisfy a craving and get healthy nutrients from those good-for-you foods

For instance  if you’re craving chocolate then you can sometimes dip a banana in Nutella (or any chocolate sauce)……..you get the idea!

13. Grab a Sugar-Free Gum

If you’re having food cravings, try this little know trick of chewing a stick of chewing gum because some Research has shown that chewing gum can reduce food cravings

14. Reach For a Fruit.

When you’re feeling sugar cravings reach for a fruit to save you.

You will not only get some sweetness, you’ll also get some fibre and nutrients – that’s a win- win!!

Make sure you stock fruits in your house because they can come in handy whenever sugar cravings strike.

15. Get up and Go For a Walk

Whenever a sugar craving hits, just walk away by going outside for a brisk walk (fast walk!). A brisk walk is an exercise and exercises releases endorphins (some “feel good” chemicals in your brain) — which can help turn the craving off

16. Plan for your cravings

You can plan for your cravings. I’ll explain:

For instance, If you know you’ll  be going for a birthday soon and you’ll be face-to-face with irresistible birthday cake, allocate enough calories to fit it into your diet.

17. Bath With Very warm Water

If you’re having a persistent craving then having a hot water bath should do the trick of getting rid of it.

The water must be hot… not so hot that you burn your skin but the hottest your body can take. Let the water run over your back and shoulders and let it heat you up. Stay there at least 5-10 minutes.

By the time you step out of the bathroom, your craving will most likely be gone.

18. Use Toothpaste or Mouthwash.

When you’re experiencing cravings, try brushing your teeth with a strongly flavoured toothpaste, or rinse with mouthwash. The taste may help you deal with the craving, and the “clean teeth” feeling may keep you from eating anything afterwards.

“When you have a fresh, clean mouth, you don’t want to mess it up,” says Molly Gee, RD, of Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.

19. Do a quick Breathing Exercise

Slow down your breathing, close your eyes and relax your body. Slowly breathe in and out, while counting 1 – 10.

20. Drink a glass of water.

Some people say that cravings can be caused by dehydration because sometimes some people mistake dehydration or thirst for hunger. So the first thing to do when you get a craving is to drink a glass of water.

21. Snack on

Next time cravings comes, you can eat a healthy snack like nuts (a hand full)

Drink two glasses of water and eat a small portion of nuts (6 walnuts, 12 almonds or 20 peanuts). Within 20 minutes, this can extinguish your craving and dampen your appetite by changing your body chemistry, says Michael F. Roizen, MD.

22. Read Your WHY List.

Read your WHY list to remind you reasons you have to eat healthy anytime craving kicks in. it can help you not to give in.

23. Distract Yourself With an Activity

When you find a craving coming up, find a way to distract yourself. Any busy activity can achieve this. You can try:

  • Call or text a friend.
  • reading a book
  • Do a quick chore: doing your laundry, wash plates, sweep etc.
  • Exercising

24. Stimulate Happiness.

When next you’re having cravings, turn on your favourite music playlist (dance if you want!). The songs provide a distraction and an emotional release

25. Eat them Systematically

You can Eat your favourite junk food at perfect times that helps you boost your metabolism to burn more fat!— I show you when and how in my book

Now It’s Your Turn

1. share this post with your friends and family so we can help them stop this deadly craving making them fat.

​2. Comment and Let me know which tip you’ll be implementing, which ones sounded crazy to you or if you have any questions.


Clean 9 Nigeria: A Brutally Honest Non-Seller Review

I have a quick confession to make!

You see... 

Some many years back, I used to recommend clean 9 to my friends, family and clients.

And this was, in fact, a bad Idea. Now that I know better, I no longer recommend it to anyone (even my worst enemies).

You'll see why in this no-nonsense Clean 9 Nigeria review


Clean 9 Nigeria
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The Only 3 Weight Loss Supplements You Ever Need

Supplements— as they are called — are just “supplements”,

NOT substitutes for eating actual HEALTHY foods.

They don’t do anything on their own, they can only HELP!

weight loss suppliments

Now, before I give out the only weight loss supplements you need, we need to get a few things straight here first! …

  • NO supplements are actually needed to lose weight (Including the ones I'm about to recommend).
  • Almost all (about 95%) of supplements are either dangerous, useless, unnecessary, or a combination of all 3.
  • Most Supplement companies just want to “chop” your money (to the extent of saying or doing anything just to trick you to buy!)
  • NO Supplements will make up for a Poor Diet or a bad Workout Program


You’ve learnt some "fun facts" about supplements and supplement companies, then we’re ready to get rolling.

So it time to answer the question...

What supplements should You be taking?

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39 Best Nigerian Foods For weight Loss

I'm sorry...

I'm about to break your dear little heart.

You see, NO food will actually cause you to lose weight.

It's your overall diet that matters.

These Nigerian foods for weight loss I'm about to reveal to you will only work their "magic" if they makeup majority of your Nigerian diet plan.

...AND... are eaten in the right quantity.

Now the bitter truth is out of the way, let's get to the sweet part you've been waiting for.

With no further delay here are the

39 Best Nigerian Foods For weight loss....

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How to Lose Weight in Nigeria Fast! (Simple “No-Nonsense” Guide)

Ever feel like...

it's almost impossible for you to lose weight in Nigeria

because of the Naija foods you love to eat?

Imagine going for a proper Naija party with "all you can eat" Jollof, poundy, orishirishi and more....

And you can only have salad with water because you’re watching your weight

Difficult right?  I concur.


What if I told you that your weight loss problem has nothing to do with the tasty Nigerian foods you love... but...

all to do with one “simple thing” (hint: it's not exercise)... and .....

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  • Femi Oja
  • Updated a couple of months ago

Weightloss reasons-36 Reasons That Will Change The Way You look At Weight Loss

You probably already know that losing weight is serious business:

Being overweight is not only bad for your looks but can lead to some more serious issues.

Are you looking for reasons (ginger!) to start losing weight now?

Well today you’re in for a treat because I’ve put together a list of  36 weight loss reasons that would motivate anyone to want to lose weight

Health Reasons

 1.Reverse Type 2 Diabetes

Obesity and Type 2 diabetes are two conditions that are closely associated together.Obesity is a major risk factor for type 2 diabetes.

It’s surprising how effective losing weight can be at reversing the effect of type 2 diabetes

In a recent study showed that 11 type 2 diabetes patients on a severely calorie-restricted diet were able to get their blood sugar levels and insulin secretion activity back to normal within seven days.

That’s good enough reason for anyone with or wants to prevent type 2 diabetes to want to lose weight

 2.Less Asthma And Allergy Symptoms

Being overweight puts a burden on the adrenal glands – which are involved in managing asthma and allergies. Being overweight is also a strain upon the respiratory system and can worsen asthma symptoms.”

“For some people, being overweight contributes to worsened asthma and allergies,” Dr. Michael Wald (integrated medicine specialist in Mount Kisco, N.Y)

That’s a weight-loss reason you can breathe on.

3.Less Foot Pain

Disturbed by foot pain? Losing some weight can help because Less weight means less pressure on the part of your body that bears most of that pressure — your feet…

A recent study of people who lost an average of 90 pounds after bariatric surgery found that their complaints of foot pain dropped by 83 percent

4. You Protect Vital Organs

Being overweight can affect some of your vital organ

Swedish researchers have reported that being overweight triples the risk of chronic renal failure (CRF), a gradual, irreversible loss of kidney function. The researchers estimate that obesity causes 11 percent of CRF cases in women. Likewise, having a higher BMI increases the risk of gallbladder disease, according to researchers from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California.

Another serious reason for anyone to lose weight


5. Your Joints Feel Less Stressed (Arthritis Relief)

Being overweight can cause joint pains (Arthritis). A number of studies have shown that weight loss improves arthritis pain.

A recent study of 87 older adults with knee arthritis found that those in a weight-loss group reduced their pain and improved their function significantly over a control group that did not lose any weight.

6.Sound Sleep

Obesity is the No. 1 risk factor for sleep apnea. Extra body fat in the chest and neck can restrict air passages, causing you to wake up frequently to help catch your breath. Considering that sleep apnea can be life-threatening, this weight-loss benefit is a significant one.

A recent study of 264 people withsleep apnea and diabetes discovered that those who lost the most weight showed a significant decrease in sleep apnea symptoms. In fact, the weight-loss group saw their sleep apnea symptoms cut in half.

That’s a weight-loss reason you can sleep on

7.Your cancer risk may drop

Losing weight lowers the risk of you having cancer

Overweight women have four times the endometrial cancer risk, probably for the same reason they’re at increased risk for breast cancer: Body fat produces estrogen, a hormone linked to both diseases, says a recent study at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.

That’s a serious reason you’ll want to lose weight now!

 8.Your heart is safer

Losing weight and Exercise strengthens your heart muscle as well as reduces your risk of heart disease and other related conditions

The bigger you are the more likely you are to suffer a heart attack earlier in life—12 years sooner for the most obese, a study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology says. And overweight people are more likely to have diabetes and high cholesterol.

That’s a safe reason for anyone to lose weight.

9. You feel less depressed

There’s an association between obesity and depression. Exercising works as an antidepressant.

“Many overweight people suffer from severe depression, and depression can also increase the chances of being overweight as it reduces the individual’s ability or desire to help their overweight situation or to prevent it in the first place,-” Dr Wald

10.You stay sharp

Obese people, particularly those with large bellies at midlife, are 260% more likely to develop dementia (mental and intellectual deterioration)

And the bigger the belly the greater the risk, perhaps because of hormones or inflammatory factors produced by the abdominal fat itself.

That’s a smart reason for you to lose weight. 

11. It helps your fertility.

Studies have shown that losing as little as 5% of body weight can dramatically improve chances of pregnancy- and we’re not just talking about the female partner here – men can improve their fertility by losing weight too

12.It reduces PMS symptoms.

Ladies, PMS also can be helped by losing weight, as the loss of fat tissue can have a favourable effect upon hormonal balance.”

13. You can enjoy better medical care

Some doctors’ associate obesity with unpleasant character traits including hostility, dishonesty and poor hygiene, research has shown.

In fact:

in a survey of nearly 2,500 overweight and obese women, 69 percent said they had experienced bias during a doctor visit. The unfortunate result is that doctors spend less time with overweight patients and even avoid doing preventive exams and screenings, a Yale University Rudd Centre report concluded.

 14. It manages chronic body pain

Losing weight helps in take away your usual body pain like:

Back pain, neck pain etc.

15.Health will improve

Losing weight will improve your overall health and keep you healthy. 

Feeling better about yourself Reasons

16.Glowing Skin

Have you ever noticed how people’s skin looks better in a “before and after” picture after losing weight?

Yes being overweight can affect your skin in many ways!

”Skin elasticity and colour are known to be altered by problems with nutrition, and diets high in carbohydrates and sugar can cause skin pallor and skin tags,” – Dr Wald.

That’s a bright idea for you to lose weight.

17. Better Mood

When you’re overweight, your entire system is out of balance, and this includes the hormones that impact your mood. As a result, losing weight can increase your overall well-being and decrease the severity of depression.

In a study, researchers found a 25 percent increase in the risk of developing mood disorders among the obese. The stigma of being overweight plus limited physical activity could contribute to depression, researchers says

A Weight-loss motivation you’ll be happy about.

18.Improve Memory

A recent research shows that losing weight can go as far as boosting memory

One study compared 109 people who underwent bariatric surgery to 41 people in a control group who lost no weight. After 12 weeks, the researchers discovered that those who’d had the weight-loss surgery had significantly improved memory, compared with the control group

That’s a weight-loss motivation you’ll want to remember.

19. Your workouts are easier and more fun

You are more likely to exercise because:

Obese women have more aches and pains than normal-weight women,

and they worry about injury or just feel too overweight to work out.

And many say they are too self-conscious to go to a gym.

20.You’ll save money

Overweight people are more likely to pay more for their health care.

One Fortune 500 companyestimates that for each dollar spent on preventative health, including exercise, it saves $2.71 in future health costs

Losing weight and staying fit can help you save money in the long run.

21. It makes you a good example for your loved ones

Whether you like it or not;

People are watching you!

Your friends, parents, siblings, spouse, children and even neighbours observe what you do and take note.

By losing weight:

Others will respect you more

You’re inspiring those around you to help them do the same

22. It adds years to your life: You’ll live long enough to spend quality time with my grand kids

23. You’ll have better sex: you’ll enjoy sex and be able to satisfy your partner more.

24. Less sweating: you’ll sweat less in your areas like armpit, back , face (ladies your make will be intact) etc.

25. It improves self-esteem:  you’ll be able to feel better about yourself. You’ll be happy with yourself when you look in the mirror

26.Boosts confidence: losing weight boosts your confidence at work and other in areas of life too. You’ll also feel comfortable talking to new people.

27. You may earn more money or get a better job: The stereotype that fat people are lazy won’t apply to you anymore, therefore you’ll be able to get a better paying job, maybe you can even become a model 🙂

28. Look Younger: It doesn’t just make you look younger, it makes you be younger. You won’t look older than your age anymore.

29. You’ll be more energetic: You’ll get more work done at home, office etc.

30. It will make you win at life:  you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment. You’ll have a better believe system and discipline, which you can apply in other areas of your life.

31. Your Cloths fit better: You can wear any clothes you feel like, because you know you’ll look GOOD in them. (Including fashionable cloths.)

32. You’ll be more attractive: you’ll get more compliments from your spouse, colleagues at work, strangers etc. because you’re more appealing.

33.You’ll be fitter: you’ll not get out of breath easily and able to play with your kids (or future kids)

34. You’ll be stronger: you’ll be able to do more things (like swimming) and you’ll play sport at a better level.

35.You will not get teased: you will no longer get abusive or embarrassing comments from other people and nobody will be judging what you eat.

36.You’ll feel less conscious in public: you’ll be able to exercise without discomfort or embarrassment and you’ll be happy going to restaurants, the beach etc.

Now It’s Your Turn

Step #1 is answering the question WHY you want to lose weight (even if it’s not on the list) and let me know by leaving a comment right now!

Step #2 is to write it down (your WHY) with your weight loss goals where you can see it daily.

Step #3 is to TAKE ACTION!

PS: Finally please remember to share it on facebook and twitter using the share buttons on your screen.